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New York City Men's Hairstyling

Man Up and get a Mani!

Trips to the salon aren’t just for women anymore – men can benefit from the salon treatment, too! Here at Yani Hair Styles, more and more men in New York City are discovering how much happier and healthier they feel when they devote a bit more energy towards their appearance. Come in to Yani Hair Styles and we’ll sharpen your image and enhance your look. Our full range of salon services are available to men:


Tired of the same old, same old? Maybe you want to try a new color, or want less grey in your hair? Our team of stylists love working with men’s hair, and can help you find the perfect look, no matter what your style goals are. Professional and classic or wild and experimental, you can rest assured that you will look great and stand out on the streets of New York City.


More men than ever are discovering the benefits of proper nail care. Aside from the numerous health benefits, women LOVE to see a man with well-cared for nails. Many men don’t understand how pleasurable a manicure or pedicure can be. It’s very rare that anyone has come in to Yani Hair Styles for a mani/pedi and not come back for a second time, and you can see men all over New York City who have had their nails done at our salon.